Mobile Device Biomonitoring to Prevent and Treat Obesity in Underserved Minority Youth

  • The KNOWME Network is a suite of wearable, wireless sensors (a Wireless Body Area Network or WBAN) that sends streaming data to a mobile phone for non-intrusive monitoring of metabolic health, vital signs such as heart rate and stress levels, and physical activity and other obesity-related behaviors.

  • The mobile phone collects, stores and transmits data to a secure web server where data will be analyzed and translated in real time. A record of behavior and health data that is time-stamped, synchronized, and geographically localized can be made available via secure internet to interventionists or health professionals.

  • The phone allows for immediate, real-time feedback through the phone display and through text messaging, image and voice tags. Some data will be immediately visualized on the phone for participants (for instance, a running tally of minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity per day).

  • We envision a new generation of adaptive, personalized interventions using KNOWME Networks for real-time monitoring, immediate data delivery and rapid adaptive intervention response.